Matrix: I want to connect my E-QUE card to a 3rd party voice recorder

In ECS set the E-QUE card type into E-QUE direct mode in ECS > Hardware > cards and ports select the EQUE card properties it to match the 3rd party recorder Select  either G711 or G722 codec

Select A-law  or µ-Law mode 

Make a E1- crossover cable between the E-QUE card and the 3rd party recorder.

RJ45 pinout EQUE side

  • 1. Tx+   (E1 signal)

  • 2. TX -

  • 3. N/C

  • 6. N/C 

  • 4. Rx+    (E1 signal)

  • 5  RX - 

  • 7. N/C

  • 8. N/C

Connect from the E-QUE rear card RJ45#1 and RJ45#5 to the 3rd party recorder
Once set up ECS will display 60 channels of direct 4wire ports that can be associated as fixed members of a  "matrix" party-line any panel or external talking to the party-line will have its audio sent to the 3rd party recorder via the E1 link.
The Eclipse E-QUE card does not support any signalling on its E1 link 

E1 - DIRECT MODES. The E-QUE card E1 connections can be made between Eclipse systems or between Eclipse systems andcompatible third-party equipment. E1 mode provides 30 channels ofG.722 encoded audio available on each of ports 1 and 5, giving 60 channels per card.
The E1 specifications are:

  • HDB3 Encoding

  • Long Haul Receive Signal Level

  • E1 120 Ohm Transmit Pulse Amplitude Balanced 

  • 120 Ohm Line Impedance

  • No Signalling

  • G7.11 or G.722 64 kbit/s Audio Encoding

  • Tx Clock locally generated

  • Rx Clock Line Recovered
    We do not support Multi-Frame.



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