IP-Voice: Voice units locking up

Customer Voice units locking up on private VPN link.running firmware v2.0.5

SolutionAfter checking the settings on the voice units it was found
That on the client unit, 2 channels had the jitter buffer min set to 0, perhaps making it 20 would helpA simple way to check the min  / max jitter settings is to ping the voice unit from your PC and see the resultant ping values add an over head of 20-40ms to both the min and max values shown on your PC..

Other possible solutions a) Trace level set too high: Go to Config> admin> log screen and ensure the trace level is set to 1 or 2 .... the higher the trace level (max level is 4) the more higher the CPU utilisation which could cause the unit to lock up.
b) Disconnect timer set too highGo to Network > advanced screen and set the disconnect timer to 7-10 seconds. A high 20-30 second disconnect timer means that each Voice2 unit server or client must wait  for the timeout value to count down before attempting a reconnect