Matrix: Can I create a control label key on my Matrix +3 frame that switches between two IFB feeds?

Question:  I want to create a key on one of my Matrix +3 panels that allows me to toggle between two IFB feeds to remote talent.  I don't want to use an AP-22 panel to make these assignments as it requires to many key actions to achieve, this will be done by the technical director so I want to make it simple.  Can this be done?
Answer:  Yes, this can be done on a Matrix +3 frame by creating two routes, looping the audio feeds at a dedicated MVX-A8 port and creating a Control label at the tech director's panel.  See the instructions below for creating a control label key that switches two IFB feeds. 
1.  Take an unused MVX-A8 port and declare it a 4-wire direct port.  Physically wire up the port so that the data and audio pairs loop back to themselves as shown below:  Name the port "WRAP"  and apply this change to the frame. 

2.  Create two separate audio routes from the M+3 setup / attachments screen.  Assign one route to activate with a talk key activation and the other with a listen key activation.  The route sources should be two separate audio feeds, the destination will be the wrap port created in step 1. 

3.  Create a Control Label in M+3 Setup / Controls.  We have now created all the bits but they have to be married together in the next steps.
4.  In the M+3 Configure / Attachments screen take the two routes created in step 2 and attach them to the Control Label (CTL01).
5.  In the M+3 Configure / Local Advanced screen / Forced Listen column select interface for both sections of the screen.  On the left hand side of the screen (destination) highlight the port that feeds the remote IFB talent.  On the right hand side of the screen assign a check mark to the wrap port created in step 1.  Apply the changes to the Matrix +3 frame. 
6.  Assign the CTL01 control label to the tech director's panel, if using a lever key panel assign the up position as a listen label and the down position as a talk label.  Apply the change and verify that toggling the key changes the IFB audio feed to the remote talent.  Press the talk label for the IFB remote talent and verify that the IFB remote talent can hear the director and that the audio feed is muted.  Release the talk key, the audio feed should return. 


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