Matrix: Can I monitor / record crosspoint activity between panels on a Eclipse frame?

Question:  Can the Matrix Event Log is capable of logging key activations (talk and listens) for review purposes when the system is used for on-line missions involving aircraft or ground support vehicles?

Answer:  The answer is yes, it called the cross-point activity monitor and it can be accessed from the ECS event log menu.
Once the event log is open, press the blue “play” button and then click on the “request info” button to access the Request Matrix Information dialog screen.
Select the last item on the list (Custom) to highlight it and open the parameter / value section of the dialog screen.
In the top line marked “Message Code” enter 54 in the value column. Message Code 54 is a custom code that activates the cross-point activity monitor, this shows key presses on panels in the event log.
In the next line down marked “Parameter 1” enter 1 in the value column. This activates the custom code.

Click on the “Send” button at the bottom of the dialog screen to start the logging function. Any time the event log screen is activated the screen will track any key presses (talks will show up as port numbers, first port # is the source panel and the second port # is the destination, listens will show up as port #s, first port # is destination and the second port # is the source panel).

To turn off this function go back to the “Custom” entry in the Request Matrix information dialog screen, enter 54 into the message code line value and then enter 0 into the parameter 1 line value and then press the “Send” button. This will turn off the function in the event log.


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