Matrix: Can I integrate any Clear-Com IP solutions into my Matrix +3 intercom system?

Question:  I need information about the possibility of integrating a Matrix + 3 (system 200) to a new Eclipse system via IP.

Answer:  Many of your questions can be answered by reviewing the IP brochure on our web site:
As the brochure describes, by using our VOICE2 units, you can connect two matrix systems via 4-wire audio over IP (including and a System 200 to an Eclipse), connect remote matrix panels to a matrix system and many other options. To get full functionality of remote IP connected panels without the use of the VOICE2 units, the client needs to have an Eclipse Median or Omega with the IVC-32 card and IP enabled V-Series matrix panels. The link to the Eclipse brochure is also available on our web site: Eclipse Matrix Brochure.pdf
Lastly, Concert, our IP connected and PC-based intercom system, can be used with our previous and current matrix systems. With the previous systems, or with 3rd party matrix systems, Concert is connected via 4-wire audio. Using the IVC-32 card, Concert can be integrated and intelligently linked to use a Concert client as a fully functional virtual matrix panel. Here is a link to the Concert brochure: Concert Brochure.pdf


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