Partyline: What is the TWC-701 / TWC-704?

The standard Clear-Com PL intercom, uses one channel over a 3 pin XLR cable connection (for use with the RS-601 or RS-701 beltpack)
Clear-Com also provides TW beltpacks which use 2 PL intercom channels over 3 pin XLR (example the RS-603 or RS-703 beltpack)
To connect a RS-603 or RS-703 beltpack into a standard Clear-Com PL system a combiner is required.
The TWC-701 unit combines two Clear-Com standard PL channels onto a single 3pin XLR cable The TWC-701 is a single 2-Channel active combiner. 

Do not exceed a max of 600 mA on the TWC-701. This is the equivalent of approximately 15 RS-703 beltpacs operating at maximum.

When tripped the condition of the circuit breaker is indicated by the red "short" LED.  After the short or overload condition is removed, push the "Reset" button to restore the unit to normal operation.

Note: The TWC-704 is four TWC-701's in a single rack space... but the TWC-704 has been discontinued and is no longer available.


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