Other: CC-110 / CC-220 Headset pinouts to 4-pin XLR connector

The CC-110 (single-ear) and CC-220 (double-ear) premium light-weight headsets feature high performance headphones and cardioid dynamic microphones that provide high quality audio.

The CC-110 and CC-220 headsets can be easily adjusted to accommodate the preference of any user.

The microphone boom has a 300° rotation to allow the microphone to be worn on the left or right side of the head. Users can make the headset larger or smaller by using the slide adjusts on either side of the headband. 

A rotating, flexible gooseneck is included for optimal positioning.

CC-110 / CC-220 4-pin XLR wiring

Note:  Wiring above for CC-220 headset.  For CC-110 headset subtract the Speaker R- RED and Speaker R+ BLUE wires.


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