Matrix: Is it possible to DECT sync two FSII Eclipse matrices together

Is it possible to dect sync a new matrix equipped with Freespeak 2, to an existing FSII matrix?
What about the sync input on the Eque card? can I connect the Sync out from  Eque card (matrix 1)  to  Eque card (matrix 2)

Yes this is possible The EQUE card detects which DECT sync source to use on either a black or red reset but not if the card is just hot plugged into the matrix 

The simple answer to your question is YES you can connect the external DECT output from one of the FS1 matrix eque cards into the new FSII matrix. Once the first eque card in the matrix 2 frame has the external sync it will pass this across the backplane to the other eque cards in the FSII frame  
The DECT sync cable can go up to 1000m 

See this FAQ for DECT Sync IN / OUT pin out details