Partyline: How do I use a ASL_PS-150 simple Telephone intercom (PL) Hybrid for IFB listen? on a Encore partyline system

ASL intercom (PL) products are Clear-Com intercom (PL) compatible but there maybe variation in the audio levels .. so they can be connected to Clear-Com Encore main stations
see other solutions  titled : Partyline: Partyline compatibility with Tecpro / ASL for more information or search or database for ASL 
You WILL need a telephone instrument…. Like a Princess Phone ™ or somethinglike that to dial the line.
Once the line is established you can use the "connect" button on the front of the ASL unit to hold line up or to drop the line when finished 
Connect the rear XLR intercom sockets to your PL system

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PDF File ASL hybrid PS_150_user_manual_2013.pdf ASL hybrid PS_150_user_manual_2013.pdf

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