Matrix: Why do I hear the V-Series panel auxillary input on the intercom line when I press a talk button?

Question:  I have a V-Series panel that is using an external audio program feed that is connected to the external 1 input on the aux audio DB-25 connector on the back of the panel.  The aux audio input works great but the aux audio feed is also heard when the panel user talks to other destinations which is a problem.  Where should I look in software to fix / eliminate this unwanted audio route?  Don't see it in the crosspoint monitor. 
Answer:  The place to look is the specific panel in ECS / EHX software, the specific panel programming screen and select the mixer option in the toolbar.  When the mixer is selected the user can see any aux audio input / output routing on the panel.  Look at the external 1 input routing, check to see if it is accidentally routed to the Matrix 1 output.  If this crosspoint is active (virtual knob blue, green or red) then right click on the virtual knob and select "mute" (gray).  Apply the change in software, this will stop routing the aux program audio back out on the matrix line anytime a talk key is pressed.  See example picture below for the mixer panel routing of the external 1 and external 2 auxiliary audio signals. 


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