Matrix: How do I connect a V-Panel using the matrix AES-6 interface

By using the AES matrix option allows users to operate their panels over a AES-3 network or provide 2 channels of audio (Main & Aux) down one cable 
The AES-6 matrix interface card allows 6 panels to be connected over a standard AES-3 digital audio network. 
 You can either order a V-Panel-AES (which has the AES-3 daughter card fitted in the Vpanel at the factory) or you can order the V-AES-OPTN part and retro fit the AES-3 daughter card into your existing V-panel 
When the AES-6-RJ matrix interface card is connected to a V-Series panels,  then a standard straight through CAT-5 cable may be used to connect panels to the AES-6 interface as shown in the diagram below.
Up to 200m of CAT5 cable can be run between the panel and matrix
Alternatively the V-panel can be connected to a 3rd party AES network (digital snake or stage box) running  at a 48K sample rate200m cabling can also be achieved using 24AWG cable. If 26AWG cable is used the maximum cable run will be less than 200m.If using a 3rd parry AES network ensure the AES-6 matrix card is set to "3rd Party mode"using the front panel dip switch

Note:  This same configuration can also be achieved using the AES-6-CX card which utilizes coaxial cable with BNC connectors from the AES-6 interface card out to the attached V-Series panels fitted with the AES-3 module.  Up to 500m of 75 ohm coaxial cable can be used to connect a V-Series panel fitted with the AES-3 module to a AES-6-CX interface card. 


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