Matrix: Can I configure my Dante devices with static IP addresses?

Question:  Can I configure my Dante devices with static IP addresses?
Answer:  Yes, you can configure static IP addresses for one or both of the Ethernet ports (for supported devices),
via the Dane Controller Network Config tab of the Device View for the device.
However, by default, Dante devices obtain IP addresses automatically - so there should be no need to specify static
IP addresses, unless it is a specific requirement for your network.
How to setup a Static IP address on a Dante Device
Use the Network Config Tab to specify static IP addresses for a device's Ethernet ports.
Dante devices obtain IP addresses automatically by default, and in the vast majority of circumstances there is no need
to change the Addresses settings. However, static IP addresses can be assigned if necessary.

To assign a static IP address:
    Select 'manually configure an IP Address' for the appropriate Ethernet port.
    Enter the IP Address and Netmask.
    Click Apply.
The DNS Server and Gateway settings are optional - the device will use network defaults if they are not specified.
Click Revert to revert back to the previous settings.
Note:  Assigning static IP addresses requires a device reboot.


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