Matrix: What is the Red Monitoring color dot indication on the EHX side toolbar

In EHX 9.1 and higher there are two indicators near the Apply Map to Matrix button on the vertical toolbar that show the state of the Layout Page and Monitoring Page. The upper indicator shows the state of the layout page and the lower indicator shows the state of the Monitoring page when those pages are open in the software. My Monitoring indicator shows red, yet I can not find any issues in the Monitoring screen that are color coded red.


The Monitoring indicator will display red should there be any non-green items on the monitoring page. That is to say the indicator will show red if there are any red OR amber alerts on the monitoring page. The user has the option to acknowledge/ignore any red or amber alerts on the Monitoring page. If the user goes thru each alert and ignores it, this will make the indicator on the vertical toolbar become green.




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