Partyline: I need to galvanically isolate an existing Clear-Com system

Question: I have to galvanically isolate an existing Clear-Com line which goes into a operation (surgery) room in a hospital. (The Clear-Com power supply is outside the surgery room and it is not allowed to introduce the Clear-Com line ground into the surgery room).
I probably could use a TW-12C in the surgery room which provides the beltpack power.Can you confirm if on the TW-12C - Is XLR pin 1 from "System 1" galvanically (DC-) isolated from XLR pin 1 from "System 2"?
Provided, I use a WBS-670 in the surgery room: Would an MT-1 suffice between existing Clear-Com line and WBS-670 to isolate the Clear-Com line's ground from WBS-670 Ground?
Answer: TW-12C would provide the ideal isolation between the Clear-Com and the Wireless.
However, the TW-12C does not provide the + 30 dc  the WBS requires to interface in the 2 wire Clear-Com mode.  You need a power supply. Our PK-7 would be a good fit for this project. 
In summary to provide galvanic isolation use the TW-12C unit. The unit also passes call signal between the two systems. 


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