Matrix: How do I put the Eclipse Matrix Serial Output into debug (ASCII) Mode

Eclipse Matrices are shipped with the serial output configured into normal serial (ADM) mode i.e. the mode that can be used to communicate with EHX if IP is not available; however, when this is not required the serial output can be configured into debug (ASCII) mode.

When in debug / ASCII mode all event log messages are output via serial and view able via serial terminal e.g. Tera Term. This can be useful if messages are being missed in the EHX event log, this can happen when the Matrix's is sending out so many messages that the log buffer gets full.

To configure an Omega/Median/Delta into debug / ASCII Serial mode DIP switch number 3 on Switch 3 must be set to 'ON'.

To configure a Pico into debug / ASCII Serial mode DIP switch number 3 on Switch 2 must be set to 'ON'.

The serial terminal (e.g. Tera Term) must be configured with the following settings:
Baud: 115200
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Parity: Even
Flow Control: None


Clear-Com Support may also ask you to capture wiresehark info if the problem you are trying to resolve is network based

Set up a mirrored port on your Ethernet switch - to mirror the data between the Matrix CPU card LAN#1 and the network

Example. Port 12 mirrors port 4 (connection to matrix LAN port)

  1. Connect a Wireshark pc to port 12 on the switch and run Wireshark, start capture. If possible, run wireshark on a standalone PC.



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