Matrix: Can I perform downloads in Eclipse 5.2 while centrally upgrading V-Series panels?

Question:  I need to upgrade several V-Series panels in order for them to work with my Eclipse 5.2 frame.I understand that the firmware update can take up to 20+ minutes to update the panels at the sames time, while the firmware update is in progress can I perform map downloads to the Eclipse frame?
Answer:  When a V-series panel upgrade is occurring, no other panels can be upgraded. Normally when upgrading panels, the panel firmware is uploaded to the rack which then stores the firmware into flash. However, the V-series firmware is sufficiently large that there is no room in flash to store it. It has to be retained in the upload buffer. As such, if another panel type is updated while a V-series update is occurring, the firmware upload for that other panel will overwrite the V-panel firmware.
Also when a V-series panel upgrade is occurring, any apply changes download from ECS will break the upgrade. The download partially resets the configuration for each panel and in doing so makes the rack "forget" that it is upgrading the panel. 
Clear-Com recommends that you do not download any configurations (maps) during the upgrade of V-series panels.


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