Matrix: Can I program panel keys locally from an ICS-2003 in ECS 5.2 without setting up "Sort Groups"?

Question:  I have a 96 port Eclipse Median system using mostly legacy series panels (ICS-92, ICS-1016, ICS-2003).  Can I locally program panel keys from an ICS-2003 panel to other panels on the system without having to setup "Sort Groups" in ECS 5.2? 

Answer:  The ICS-2003 will allow you to program panel keys either locally to the ICS-2003 panel itself or to other panels in the system without having to set up Sort Groups in ECS.  The ICS-2003 panel will display the system label types (Station, Interface, Fixed Group, Party Lineand Controls) when the user presses the ICS-2003 keypad menu button and selects the following option:
a.  "System Configuration" --> "Assign Station Keys"
b.  Select desired station type from list
c.  Press the "Enter" key on the keypad
d.  Scroll to the desired blank key pushbutton / lever key position and then press "Enter"
e.  Select label type (station, interface, fixed group, partyline, controls), then press "Enter"
f.   Scroll to the desired label name to highlight, then press "Enter"
g.  The key label position on the selected station will now have the label assigned to it
h.  Press the "EXIT" key on the ICS-2003 keypad repeatedly to exit from the programming menus
NOTE:  V-Series panels cannot be accessed from the ICS-2003 local programming menu. 
            Linked remote panels cannot be accessed from the ICS-2003 local programming menu.


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