Matrix: What happens if the battery on my Eclipse Median / Omega / Pico / Delta frame goes flat?

When the Eclipse matrix CPU battery becomes "flat"
note the battery can be easily swapped out for a new one 

Software versions before v4.2

No indication of flat battery  After power-cycle ...-System will execute a "Black-Reset"- The IP settings of the frame will be lost. -The active map will not be lost (this is stored in flash) however the active bank number is lost. -Active audio routes,  latched keys, level adjustments,locally assigned keys etc are lost.-System sets IP address to default  

Software versions v4.2  and above

After power-cycle ....- System will execute a "Black-Reset".- No loss of IP settings or map bank number.-Active audio routes,  latched keys, level adjustments, locally assigned keys etc are lost.Omega/Median(and Delta) will output a ‘Check Battery’ banner on start-up from the LED panel on the master CPU card.-A spaced out double flash is shown on the CPU status LED OR PiCO panel when the system  has "booted up" with lost NVRAM state.


CPU card will retain data so long as the battery voltage remains above 1.5V.  2.5V


Solution update low battery voltage changed to 2.5V on Feb 2021


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