Matrix: Can a Matrix +2 panel connect to a Matrix +3 frame?

Question:  I have purchased some older Matrix +2 ICS-92 panels from Ebay. Will they work with a Matrix +3 frame as is or will they need some sort of modification to operate in the Matrix +3 environment?
Answer:  Matrix +2 panels were designed to work with Matrix +2 frames with MTX-100 or MTX-200 port cards.  The RS-422 data protocol on a Matrix +2 frame is incompatible with that found on the Matrix +3 series MTX-A8 or MTX-D8 port cards.  
In order to make these M+2 panels work on a M+3 frame the EPROM would need to be swapped out to a Matrix +3 version along with the comms card in the panel at a minimum. 
Please see other Matrix +2 and Matrix +3 solutions for more information on comm card types and EPROMs required for each version of Matrix. 


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