Partyline: How to wire a CC-95 Single-Muff headset to a 6pin XLR Headset connector?

Customer would like to know how to wire a CC-95 Single-Muff headset to a RS-522 or RS-622 beltpack which has 6pin XLR headset connector for Split-Ear operation where each intercom channel feeds each ear.

RS-522, 622 or 623 wired beltpack, TR-523 and AB-100 or 120 commentator consoles allow you to monitor Channels A or B in separate ears (Split-Ear) via a 6 pin XLR Headset connector.The 6 Pin Headset connectors is wired

4 pin headset connection pinout:
1 microphone  ground 
2 microphone  hot
3 speaker ground
4 speaker hot

6 pin headset connection pinout:
1 microphone  ground 
2 microphone  hot
3 speaker 1 ground
4 speaker 1 hot
5 speaker 2 hot
6 speaker 2 ground

Since your headset  is a single muff, you cannot bridge both Channel-A and B (Connect to a common amplifier) as you will connect CH A to B and have two output amps looking at each other.. You don't want that... 

In summary, if you wish to use a single muff headset with the 2 channel bi-aural 522, 622 or 623, you must decide which channel to monitor .... A or B.


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