Matrix: Can I program Eclipse Panels on Pico ports 33 to 36?

Question:  I'm programming a single Eclipse Pico frame and was wondering if I can program ports 33 to 36 for a V-panel?  When I click on port 33 in ECS the only options presented are trunks or directs.  When I right click on the port several other options are presented (identify panel, set port type, update, show all ports).  What do these options mean? 

Answer:  Ports 33 to 36 on the Eclipse Pico frame are reserved exclusively for non-intelligent Eclipse port functions, that is only direct 4wire external audio connections or for trunk lines between Eclipse frames.  These ports only provide balanced line level audio inputs and outputs, no RS-422 data is present on these ports making them unusable for connection to Eclipse panels and Clear-Com interfaces like CCI-22 or FOR-22. 
The options presented on an Eclipse port when the user performs a right mouse click on the desired port indicate the following options:

  • Show All Ports -- When programming a single MVX-A16 port card (Omega and Median frames only) the user has the option to show all ports or only programmed ports on the card

  • Update -- Click on ‘Update’ to save the current configuration of the MVX-16A card to the configuration database

  • Set Port Type -- Selecting one or more ports and then clicking on ‘Set Port Type’ allows the port type for all the selected ports to be set in a single operation.  Standard Windows shift and highlight can be used to select multiple ports

  • Identify Panel -- Selecting the ‘Identify Panel’ button on the panel programming toolbar will cause the panel currently being edited to flash the panel buttons or LEDs red and display ‘IDENTIFYME’ in the bottom left display. In order to use this facility monitoring must be enabled using the ‘Monitor’ button on the ECS toolbar.  This facility is only available for V-Series panels; the ‘Identify Panel’ button will be greyed out for other panel types.


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