Partyline: interfacing the Sony HXCU100 HD Camera intercom and Clear-Com

The Sony HD Camera model HXCU100 has a Clear-Com - 2 wire - mode.Typical for Sony and other cameras offering the CC mode, using one camera will work.  Why?  The camera bridges our 200 ohm line well below the 18K ohm we want to see.   One camera is not a problem --- add a second and third... the connection loads the line and brings the audio levels down to a "un-usable level".
The solution?   All broadcast quality  cams --SD or HD -- offer a 4 wire option....  Clear-Com always recommend that you use the 4wire mode setting on your camera -- four (4) wire is superior -- Then use a good quality 2/4wire adaptor unit like the Clear-Com IF4W4 model to interface to the Clear-Com partyline system
The camera will be happy.... Clear-Com will be happy and the Director will love you for it!
Note: See solution "How to wire CCU units to Clear-Com partyline equipment" for more details on interfacing cameras to Clear-Com Partyline systems