Station-IC: What is CodeMeter?

This article refers to client hosted licensing of Station-IC, a licensing option where the license is contained on the same computer as Station-IC.

This article does not refer to the alternative Permanent Eclipse Hosted License option.

CodeMeter - License Manager:

  • is a software application that runs in the background of Station-IC

  • maintains a unique “container” for the license that activates Station-IC

  • must be downloaded and installed by the user prior to licensing

  • uses an internal clock that validates the duration of the installed license(s)

Installation and Verification:
CodeMeter is installed from within Station-IC before being licensed.

When CodeMeter is not running on a computer a download icon is present in Station-IC

Once the CodeMeter has been downloaded it will install and run in the background of the computer.
CodeMeter operation can be verified in the task bar or task manager of the computer.

Icon showing CodeMeter running in the background of the computer

Once installed, CodeMeter is loaded with licenses from a License Ticket ID using the cloud based WebDepot.
When the user activates a license for the first time on a computer, a container (cmContainer) is generated on the CodeMeter and given a unique serial number. While normally only containing a single container, CodeMeter can contain multiple containers.

CodeMeter running and loaded with two containers (normally just one)

ONLINE License Transfer to CodeMeter (Recommended)
Transferring a license online from Ticket via cloud WebDepot to a CodeMeter license container:
Once CodeMeter is installed, the WebDepot license page can be opened in a browser on the computer to be licensed from the Settings dialog in Station-IC. Computer must be online with the internet for this operation type.

Select “License with Ticket ID” to open WebDepot in a browser
(if this option is not visible, CodeMeter is not properly installed on the computer)

When the license ticket is entered into the WebDepot the user can select licenses to be transferred from the ticket to the CodeMeter on the computer.

Selected license in WebDepot ready to be transferred to the CodeMeter CmContainer and Activated

When licenses are Activated, they are transferred to the CodeMeter CmContainer via HTTPS TCP port 443.

Once activated the time of activation and CmContainer serial number that hosts the license is visible on the ticket in the WebDepot.

License is shown installed on the CodeMeter CmContainer

OFFLINE License Transfer to CodeMeter (Optional)
Transferring a license online from Ticket from WebDepot to a CodeMeter via File-transfer:
When the cloud supported WebDepot cannot be accessed on the computer to be licensed, CodeMeter can generate a context file. This file is then loaded with selected licenses using WebDepot on an internet accessible computer before being returned, with the license, to the computer being licensed.
This process is described step-by-step in the Station-IC manual.

CodeMeter WebAdmin / Advanced License Management

When used for Station-IC WebAdmin is only intended for information display and support.

No settings or configuration changes in WebAdmin or CodeMeter should be made without instructions from Clear-Com Support.

CodeMeter additionally runs a local webserver on the computer ( called WebAdmin. WebAdmin includes, amongst other things, detailed information about the license container installed license(s).

WebAdmin can be accessed via:

  • Station-IC - Settings by Launching “Advanced License Management”

  • CodeMeter - WebAdmin button
    Either method will open WebAdmin in the computers default browser.

Where to open WebAdmin

WebAdmin license container view

WebAdmin options are described in detail in a separate Solution Finder article.


  • If CodeMeter cannot be downloaded via Station-IC, download from the link in the reference section (below) and install from the standalone installer.

  • If WebDepot cannot be accessed from the computer to be licensed online using WebDepot and described above, use the File-based license transfer process described in the Station-IC manual.

  • If a license transfer from WebDepot to CodeMeter fails, open the CodeMeter Control Center.
    Open the Process menu and “Restart CodeMeter Service”.

Restarting CodeMeter service if the container is not found be WebDepot

See additional CodeMeter troubleshooting information in a separate article on the Solution Finder.

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