Station-IC: What is WebDepot ?

This article refers to client hosted licensing of Station-IC, a licensing option where the license is contained on the same computer as Station-IC.

This article does not refer to the alternative Permanent Eclipse Hosted License option.

WebDepot (wibu) - License Management Portal:

  • Cloud based licensing management tool

  • Shows the contents of License Tickets and their status (availability, installation etc)

  • Enables license transfer from License Ticket to Computer

    • Online method: using License Ticket to CodeMeter hosted License Container (recommended)

    • Offline method: using CodeMeter context files that are manually loaded in WebDepot

  • Enables re-hosting of licenses from Computer to License Ticket

    • Online

    • Offline using context files

  • Online License Transfers are always from WebDepot to the CodeMeter on the same computer

WebDepot is a internet cloud hosted service : Clear-Com’s license web server portal

CodeMeter is application that runs on your PC along Station-IC and contains your licenses

Licensing Workflow

Customer purchases any number of licenses for Station IC from Clear-Com

Clear-Com sends the customer a single License Ticket ID

The License Ticket ID contains all the licenses that have been purchased

WebDepot - License Management Portral
WebDepot is a simple to use cloud based tool to manage licenses and transfer licenses to computers for Station-IC use.

WebDepot main screen waiting for License Ticket ID entry

Once opened the user enters the License Ticket ID Clear-Com provided and gets an overview of all licenses on the License Ticket and their status, such as: when issued, when installed, where installed (CmContainer) and availability of licenses to be activated.

WebDepot showing the status of the Licenses on the License Ticket

WebDepot - Online License Activation (Recommended)

User can now progress to Activate licenses on the computer by simply selecting the license(s) to be installed. WebDepot should have found the license container (CmContainer is the unique serial number of the installed CodeMeter) available on the computer and pre-selected for the license transfer.

Selected license ready to be transferred from License Ticket to CodeMeter and Activated on the computer

Confirmation of a successful license transfer

WebDepot - Online License Re-Hosting

WebDepot allows licenses to be Re-Hosted from the computer back to the License Ticket ID.

When Re-Hosting is selected, WebDepot will display the licenses available on the computer to be Re-Hosted and allow the user to run the Activation process in reverse.

WebDepot - Auto Update

WebDepot’s Auto Update

FAQ: How does WebDepot transfer licenses online?

WebDepot communicates with the CodeMeter License Manager/Container Software on the computer to be licensed using encrypted HTTPS via TCP port 443.

FAQ: Computer to be licensed is not internet accessible, how can I license the computer?

Use of WebDepot for online licensing requires Internet access and ability to use HTTPS.

Offline computers can be licensed using a File-base license transfer. This is done by generating a context file on the (offline) computer to be licensed, loading it with licenses from a License Ticket ID in WebDepot (by using a online PC) and returning the file to the offline computer. These steps are described in detail in the Station-IC user manual.






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