Using Lawo Virtual Patch Bay to Listen to AES67 Streams

This is a tool that will allow us to listen to and generate AES67 streams in real time.

Scroll down past the adverts to “Try R3LAY Risk Free!”, select VPB Virtual Patch Bay Demo. The demo version injects white noise about once a minute.

Lawo virtual patchbay installer :

Lawo AES67 AOIP monitoring tool :


Fill in the questions, and eventually it will download an installer.  Install the program (takes awhile), and launch it.

Select “routing” and you should see this:


When first installed, it automatically made itself the default sound card in my system, so you may have to go to Windows sound to set your card back to default settings.

Click the blue Lawo logo in the top right corner to get this:

Check all the audio board types.

At the top, click add-> soundcard->MME->out-> headphone/speakers.  They will show up at the bottom as an output device in red:

Then, add the AES67 stream by clicking add->available streams…->add stream SDP.  Export the SDP file from EHX, and click “load”

It will show up as an input on the left in olive green:

You can right click and change the color if you like, or you can open the pop up mixer, which will show a level meter.  It should register when there is audio if everything is correct.


Make the crosspoints by clicking the little circles, and now the incoming stream should now be routed to your speaker:


Using this tool, you can prove whether or not there is a good audio stream being produced at the port.


If you also need to send audio out on an AES67 stream, see this ap note:



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