Matrix: What are the EHX Matrix port Limitations?

There are limits in the system:

  1.  Power with cooling  

  2.  Port count/ Timeslots.

  3.  Fibre Port count/ Timeslots 

Power: Please use Eclipse_HX_Systwm_Power_Calculator for the maximum number of cards can be used in one frame. Maximum E-IPA cards in one frame = 4 in Omega frame , 3 in Median/ Delta

Maximum E-Que/IVC-32/ LMC64 cards in one frame = 6

Note: The mix of E-IPA cards and E-Que/IVC-32/ LMC64 cards, can be used in one frame, please use the Eclipse_HX_Systwm_Power_Calculator.


Port count =  Timeslots: The document maximum port count is 496 However for a good system we recommend customers use maximum of 480 ports / timeslots inside one matrix. 

Fibre Port count =  Timeslots The total number of fibre trunks on the whole network is 1024 fibre ports

Note : Please make sure that the total number of fibre trunks on the whole network is 1024 fibre ports,  therefore you should design the customer system to use a maximum 1024 fibre ports spread across all matrices .


Example: Eclipse_HX_Systwm_Power_Calculator 



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