Can I connect E-IPA to SSM devices

Like most audio only devices the E-IPA card supports (ASM) Any Source Multicast. However most video devices like IP camera CCUs support (SSM) Single Source Multicast.

SSM devices use the multicast address in the 232.x.x..x address range

ASM devices use the 239.x.x.x by design ASM devices will not connect / join a 232.x multicast group


When connecting a Clear-Com matrix fitted with a IPA card (licensed for 3rd party ST2110 audio) to a IP camera CCU like GV or Sony

The most common problem you will often find is

  • The Sony or GV CCU can hear audio from the Matrix (IPA)

  • The matrix (IPA) cannot hear audio from the IP camera CCU

The problem you are facing is not un-common and is easily managed using either Static or DNS SSM mapping

To fix this problem you have 2 options

Option # 1 : As long as the IP camera CCU does NOT use the SSM multicast address of 232.x.x.x  then they  should be able to connect with IPA (bi directional audio) without special programming in the Ethernet switcher

Option #2 : Re-map SSM to ASM multicast inside the Ethernet Switch

Using special configuration within the Ethernet Switch to map the SSM address to a ASM address.


The SDP of IP camera CCU should be copied into the RX port stream settings for the IPA card. OR modify a SDP file to suit the IP address and multicast settings of the IP camera CCU

Sony HDCU-3000 series support ASM mode.

If you input in the Source IP Address on CCU menu, CCU works as ASM.





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