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  • Call management allows you to distribute incoming calls to a specially designated management group.


  • Incoming calls to the management group using the desired mechanism will be routed to the associated loudspeaker.

  • A member of the management group can then answer the call by either pressing a direct access key to the caller or using the Reply key.

  • The response action will cause the audio from the incoming caller to be transferred from the loudspeaker to the responding panel.

  • Any communication between the incoming caller using the ‘management group’ route, and the responding panel will be directed point to point until there has been no communication between the 2 for a set duration.


–Management panels can only hold 1 relationship at a time. If they press another Talk key when in a relationship, they break their relationship. Otherwise, no effect if an incoming call

  • Panels cannot be members of more than 1 management group

–In addition, no management group should be able to call another

  • 4-wire call generation to the management group