Basic guide on setting up Cisco, Luminex, Artel Quarra Ethernet switches (from Ravenna)

RAVENNA/AES67 Practical: Switch configuration June 2020

This session was co-presented by Andreas Hildebrand from ALC NetworX,

  • Nicolas Sturmel, Merging: Cisco SG350

  • Bart Swinnen , Luminex : GigaCore switch

  • Claudio Becker Foss, DirectOut: Artel Quarra

This webinar focuses on practical aspects of network configuration, experts from various switch manufacturers will provide guidelines on how to plan a network and configure switches for the smooth operation of RAVENNA/AES67 and ST2110 in mixed-traffic environments. Follow along as hints for best PTP performance, the pitfalls of multicast transport, and the impact of proper QoS configuration are discussed. 

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