How many PTP clients can the E-IPA service when acting as a GM (Grand Master)

The E-IPA card can be configured to be a PTP Grandmaster (GM) on a AES67 / ST2110-30 network or it can be set to be a PTP slave.

Like all GM units on a AES67 / ST2110-30 network. The PTP GM must send PTP sync packets to each PTP client / slave unit in its PTP domain. There is a finite limit to the number of PTP clients any GM can support.

The E-IPA card is able to service approx. 20 PTP clients / slave units. (this includes any Clear-Com and other 3rd party devices)

Clear-Com recommends that for systems with >20 clients that an external GPS -locked GM (like the Trilogy Mentor RG) unit is used with PTP aware Boundary clock Ethernet switches