Using Dante DDM Clocking Zones and AES67 over WAN

Version 1.1 of Dante Domain Manager (June 2020) offers the following in relation to AES67 / ST2110 operation

SMPTE 2110 and AES67 Support : Dante Domain Manager version 1.1. enables support for SMPTE 2110 and AES67 within Dante domains, allowing broadcasters to integrate SMTPE 2110/AES67 compliant devices in a managed Dante environment.

GPS Synchronization : With Dante Domain Manager, sites can stay in sync using GPS clocking to create a single Dante domain over substantial distances

Please contact your Dante Audinate partner for details of about DDM and its different service options

@ EHX V12 : Clear-Com’s E-Dante card will have the latest firmware to support DDM support and AES67 / ST2110 streams


The following slides a give a very brief overview of connecting Dante over WAN links using DDM

Dante DDM is required

Connections over WAN can be done by having clocking zones in DDM and as long as the latency is set to 20mis and the packets arrive within 20ms then the audio packets are not dropped