HelixNet Features by version

With each version of our products, we introduce new features. Here are the various features the were added to HelixNet and when they were implemented:


With Each release of our HelixNet Software and Firmware, we add features. 

This will help define when various features entered the feature list in the HelixNet Digital Party Line family of products


V1.0:   1)  Introduction of the HelixNet 4 Channel DPL system  (2012)

·        Introduction of ROLES

·        HMS-4X Master Station with three module slots, two Power Line Modems

·        HLI-4W2 4wire module

·        HLI-2W2 2wire module

·        HBP-2X original, metal Belt Pack


V1.1:   1)  HMS Linking   (2013)

  1. HLI-ET2 Ethernet module for linking

  1. HLI-FBS Fiber network module for linking


V2.0:   1)  Adding user stations   (2014)

·        HRM-4X  1RU Remote Station

·        HKP-4X  HelixNet Wall Station

·        S-Mount Desktop mount container for the HKB

  1. Ethernet support for station connectivity (Using network to connect HRM and HKB to system)

  1. Increase user station (endpoints) to 60/system


V3.0:   1)  CCM GUI  Browser based GUI support for HelixNet system   (2016)

  1. Introduction of Station Roles

  1. Improved Linking

  1. Expansion Mode (Hosted HRMs)

  1. Introduction of USB Flasher for HBPs

  1. Introduction of 12 Channels/HMS-system

  1. Added ability to scale up to 24 Channels


v3.1:    1)  FW Support for new BP     (2016  Q4)

  1. Introduced new HXII-BP with Ethernet support

  1. Continued support for the HBP-2X

  1. But HBP-2X discontinued


V4.0:   1)  GUI Improvements   (2017  Q3)

  1. support for 6 HMS/LQ linked devices

  1. LQ Linking support

  1. LQ IVC/IPA tie lines to Eclipse

  1. LQ Agent IC   (Optional Licensed)

  1. LQ SIP  (Optional Licensed)



➢ GPI Control of MIC ON for HelixNet HMS and HRM
➢ HMS restore functionality allowing configuration of cold standby units
➢ Front panel Role selection list sorted alphabetically
➢ Reset functions terminology clarification
➢ HRM - Resource load on HMS can be manually allocated
➢ CCM - System resource counter
➢ USB Logging - Non-volatile support information
➢ Time synchronization for support information
➢ SSH access disabled
➢ Contour filter default changed to OFF
➢ Datasheets/Documentation: Network Specifications added

Bug fixes:
➢ BUG: HMS power-up issue resulting in one-way audio on HLI modules
➢ BUG: HRM Expansion slave power-up connection
➢ BUG: HLI-2W2 – Null parameters are not always recalled
➢BUG: Roles do not update from the endpoint menu
➢ BUG: GPO assignment limits outside of module and channel hosts
➢ BUG: CCM edited endpoint names are not stored
➢ BUG: Missing hostname when not in DHCP
➢ BUG: CCM Display Corruption
➢ BUG: HXII-BP Talk key stays lit when set to Disabled
➢ BUG: CCM Add Role dialog sticks to the Default role
➢ BUG: Jitter buffers do not fully expand on highly loaded Powerlines