mchammer - multicast stream group subscription

Multi-Cast Hammer is a test tool for joining multicast groups on your IP network

 We can check an RTP stream coming from a third party device using Wireshark.

You can do this by statically (static IP address) adding your PC to the relevant multicast group in the switch. But what happens if you don’t have access to the switch?

 You can use MCHammer. Here MC means multicast and it allows you to subscribe to any multicast group from your PC.



It can be downloaded (please find attached) and this particular build contains no virus (at least Symantec didn’t find any!).

 When installed, you select a NIC, type in a m/c address + port & click start. It is that simple. You can verify that you get multicast in Wireshark



And then import the RTP to Audacity as per the other solutions.


The only downside is that it is a Java app so requires a Java VM to run (in case you don’t have one installed).