Can I use a Patch bay for party line intercoms?

Can I use a bantam ( TT ) or 1/4” patch Bay for my PL?

Actually, TRS patchbays are fine for wet comms.  Even the bantam (TT) models.

Where it gets hairy is when bringing a HelixNet (Digital Party Line, Power Line Modem) signals into a patch bay.  HelixNet devices have two PLMs and if you do bring them to patch, you have to be mindful of shield integrity and you must separate the two PLMs in the bay by two rack units… this eliminates potential cross-talk between the Power Line Modems’ EMF fields.

Obviously, one needs to be mindful (and abundantly cautious) of not accidentally patching a wet PL line into a DA or console module.

When some folks bring wet comms to a patch bay, they use their bantam patch rows for all things audio, such as audio console inputs, DA ins/outs, groups, playback machines,  etc.

Then they use a ¼” patch bay for all the wet things like PL and IFB wet-sends.  This way, there’ll never be any possibility for a wet line going into a dry line.