CCI-22 Pin-Out

The CCI-22 interfaces are connected to the matrix frame through the two RJ-45 connectors on the IMF-3 or IMF-102 rear-panel assembly to which CCI-22 is connected. For connection to a matrix frame refer to the “Installation in Interface Frame” on page 2-1. For internal jumper settings and adjustments refer to
“Adjustments” on page 2-8.
The “user” side of the CCI-22 for each channel is on a pair of DB-9M connectors on the rear of the interface frame. Figure 2 shows the pinout of either one of these connectors. Both DB-9Ms are paralleled such that both party-line channels are available on each connector. It is possible to wire one DB-9
connector as channel #1, the second DB-9M as channel #2, or bring both channels out either DB connector separately or create a TW type party-line connection.




A single two-output power supply can provide power for more than two CCI-22 party-line channels. In this case the power supply provides power for each party-line, but each CCI-22 channel provides the termination for each party-line. Many Clear-Com power supplies have a switch to enable or disable the termination circuits from each of its outputs. If using such a supply:

  1. Disable the terminations by using the switch.

  2. Connect the PS-702 output to all of the CCI-22 channels to be powered using the standard three connections in the XLR connector.