FSII-BASE-II 4-Wire (4W) to RTS CRONUS 4-Wire (4W)

To connect 4W (4-wire) between a FSII-BASE-II & RTS Matrix XCP-RJ11/12/RJ45 Breakout Panel 4W, you need to switch your selected 4W Port Function on the FSII-BASE-II to: TO PANEL

Attached is an excerpt from the FSII-BASE-II User Guide (ref 399G169D.pdf; page 106):




Pinout for various Port Function as shown on the Left.







  • How to set Port Function on CCM?








  • How to set Port Function on Front Panel?


Here you can find the various pinout diagrams for the RTS Digital Matrix’s XCP-40-RJ11(RJ12) & XCP-48-RJ45 breakout panels (full pdf attached below):



Additional Technical Details

RTS XCP-40-RJ11:

RTS XCP-48-RJ45:


FSII-BASE-II User Guide: https://clearcom.com/DownloadCenter/manuals/FreeSpeakII_BaseII_v1.5/FSII-BASE-II_User_Guide-399G169D.pdf