Agent-IC : not able to change profile settings

Case#1: I have changed mobile, and in the new device I can not configure the app. I have downloaded version 2.9 of the Agent-IC APP and I can't make changes in the configuration, they are not saved. I can connect to the Clear-Com Demo LQ and Eclipse servers over WIFI or LTE not problem if only when I go to enter my own profile connection details, the settings are not saved.

Case#2: I am having a problem with the Agent IC app on my Google Pixel 6: when I edit the profile the changes are not saved when I click the ß arrow on the top left of the screen. This applies to all settings, including preferences and notifications, but most critically applies to the Connection settings. This, obviously, makes the app useless since I can’t change off the demo configuration. My App is version 2.10.

Answer :

Seems to be common on Android models.

Most of the time this can be fixed by: clearing the apps cache first! If that doesn’t work another step would be uninstalling the app then reinstalling the app.

If this does not work then please: uninstall the app > side load the apk file below via USB > run the apk to install V2.6 (it will automatically update to the latest version afterwards).


for this customer clearing the app cache worked for them



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