Agent & Station-IC Cloud Connection Profiles

The below describes functionality introduced in May/June 2023

With the introduction of Agent-IC for iOS v2.10, Agent-IC for Android v2.8 and Station-IC for Windows/MacOS v1.3 in early 2023 Clear-Com introduces the concept of Cloud Connection Profiles.

Cloud Connection Profiles allow the user to save their intercom connection profiles to a Clear-Com provided Cloud storage that is then synchronized to any Agent & Station-IC Virtual Client the user logs into. 

This allows a Virtual Client user to enter the Profile settings, including the IP address of the intercom system, port number, user name and password, amongst other settings, and have them stored in a Clear-Com Cloud Storage, protected by the users Google, Microsoft, Apple, E-mail or SSO/SAML* credentials and make them easily accessible between the users devices or on a device that is used by many users, who need different settings.

  • Agent / Station-IC Virtual Client connection is established as previously in the Eclipse EHX or LQ CCM

  • Step 1 - Agent / Station-IC connection settings (IP Address, Port Number, Username, Password) are entered into the Settings for the Connection Profile

  • Step 2 - Agent / Station-IC can be logged into the Cloud storage by pressing the user icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Start screen
    Here the user can log into the Cloud storage with username and password, Apple ID, Google ID or Microsoft ID. Optionally with SSO as a service*.
    Once logged in the Agent / Station-IC connection settings (IP Address, Port Number, Username, Password) are stored in the Cloud

  • Step 3 – The user can now log into the Cloud storage on a different device and the connection settings (IP Address, Port Number, User Name, Password) will synchronize

With the Cloud Connection Profiles, the user can easily move from Station-IC on their desktop to Agent-IC on their mobile device and keep their intercom system IP, port, username and password up to date!

This feature shares the Virtual Client Profile and settings between Clients only.

Profile settings such as user names and passwords must still be established in the EHX/LQ CCM and manually entered into the Station-IC and Agent-IC Virtual Client.

* Use of SSO/SAML is only available for Station-IC (not available for Agent-IC) and requires a chargeable Clear-Com Service for setup and a unique code each client user must add to their Station-IC client setup.

Contact Clear-Com for further information and quote

SSO Option for Virtual Client Cloud Connection Profiles

The Cloud Connection Profiles do allow Station-IC to use SSO/SAML from a third party credential managment system.

This is a chargable service from Clear-Com (Part number: SVC-VC-SSO-SUP) that includes connecting the third party credential managment system to Clear-Com’s Cloud Connection Profiles and is maintainend by Clear-Com. Once the connection has been established Clear-Com provides a unique SSO Provider Code that must be entered into Station-IC settings allowing the user to log into Virtual Client Cloud Connection Profiles using SSO.

Once the SSO Provider Code is entered, a new button will be added to the list of authentication methods

Once cliked then the 3rd party SSO authentication will take place.

Contact Clear-Com for further information and quote on this serivce (Part number: SVC-VC-SSO-SUP) .



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