Re-hosting Station-IC Subscription Licenses (Online method)

This article refers to client hosted licensing of Station-IC, a licensing option where the license is contained on the same computer as Station-IC.

This article does not refer to the alternative Permanent Eclipse Hosted License option.

  • Station IC licenses must be deactivated from the computer they are currently bound to, before they can be re-activated elsewhere. 

You can see which containers licenses are currently active by entering your ticket number into the CodeMeter License Central WebDepot. Click “License with Ticket Id” in the Station-IC settings or navigate to this page in a web browser:


The ‘cmContainer’ column shows the serial number of the container where the license is currently active.

If you try to re-host the license from a computer which doesn’t have the matching cmContainer (circle indicator next to container serial number is greyed out), you will receive an error stating that its associated cmContainer could not be found.


Loading up the CodeMeter License Central WebDepot from a computer with the matching cmContainer serial number will allow you to release the license so that it can be transferred to a different container.

Here is what the WebDepot looks like from the computer with the matching cmContainer (circle indicator next to container serial number is green):

Clicking ‘Re-Host Licenses’ will bring you to a page where you are able to disassociate the license from this container.

Check the box next to the appropriate license and then click ‘Deactivate Selected Licenses Now’

You will receive a confirmation once the process is complete:


The ‘My Licenses’ page of the WebDepot now shows that the license is available to be activated on another machine.


You can now navigate to the WebDepot from the new machine, enter the ticket number and activate the license.

If the machine does not currently have a cmContainer installed, one will be created upon activation of the license.




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