Station-IC: My audio device is listed twice in Settings

Question: In Station-IC settings I see some of my audio devices listed twice.
Why is it so and which one should I select?

Answer: Station-IC™ receives a list of available audio devices from the computers operating system. In the case of Windows some audio devices, Bluetooth devices in practicular, may show up as both Headset and and Headphones. This is controlled by the audio device and the operating system.

Headset is for a microphone and a speaker, commonly must be assigned together (no seperate input and output from different devices) and often uses lower audio quality. In some instances the audio device and the operating system may include audio enhancement option that is dedicated for this use.
In Windows this is reffered to as a Communication Device.

Headphones are listen only intended for music playback at high quality. These do allow for a split assignment of inputs and outputs from . Devices running in this profile will likely (device dependent) run fewer speech enhancement, echo cancellation and silence supression algorithms than the Hedaset, prioritizing “high fidelity”.

Windows allows you to configure seperate default audio devices for the two different usage cases (in addition to different software which is a different topic).




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