Helixnet end devices reset when bringing volume up on loudspeaker - HRM-4X & HKB-2X

Question: We have Helixnet wall boxes (HKB-2X) that get reset each time we dial volume up, they do not get pass 60% it seems and units would reset. Power source is PoE. Port is default “auto” PoE detection. There’s enough wattage supplies to all switch ports on each network switch, what could be the problem?


Answer: Issues was resolved by setting PoE port to static power of 15.4W instead of auto.

Please look at the intelligent PoE settings in the switch as it may not like dynamic audio load at all.

Ensure there’s enough power on switch port

Check cable length


You can troubleshoot by using a simple layer 2 switch with PoE and move the HKB-2X or HRM-4X next to (via short patch cables) HMS-4X with HLI-ET2 to rule out infrastructure issues.




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