Agent/Station-IC Update: New Versions - Sept 2023

Sep 20, 2023

This Monday, Apple initiated a roll out of iOS17 for compatible devices. Clear-Com’s basic functional testing of Agent-IC running iOS17 has been promising.

Please send any reports of issues to and include the type of iOS device (e.g. iPhone 12) and exact iOS version (e.g. 17.0.1)

Jun 22, 2023

Agent-IC and Station-IC Releases rolled out in May and June 2023 do include a new optional feature which allows storage of connection profiles (intercom system’s IP, user name, password and port number) to a central cloud storage.
This feature then effectively allows the user to more easily have access to their current connection profiles on a different device, i.e. going between a laptop and a phone.
Note: This feature only stores and synchronizes the connection profiles between different Agent-IC and Station-IC on different devices. It does not sync to the intercom system itself.

Please see for further information:

Jun 15, 2023

Today Clear-Com makes available updated versions of Station-IC for Windows and MacOS

Station-IC version 1.3
This version includes:

  • Keyset Zoom

  • Dark Mode (from Operating System setting)

  • Support for an additional license option: Permanent Eclipse Hosted License (part number: STATION-IC-HX)

  • Future Upgrade Notifications

  • Support Info

  • Software Maintainance - bug fixes and tally contrast

Please register for download links:

May 25, 2023

Today Clear-Com rolls out updated versions of Agent-IC

Agent-IC iOS version 2.12
This version includes:
* Formal support for iPhone 14 and latest iOS16.x

Agent-IC Android version 2.9
This version includes:
* Bluetooth fixes for device compatibility

These new updates are made incrementally available to our users over time by the app stores

Please send any reports of issues instances to and include the typed of iOS device (e.g. iPhone 12) and iOS version (e.g. 16.2)



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