Linking using E-IPA trunks

Connecting two Clear-Com Eclipse HX matrices using IVC/E-IPA IP trunks is a simple way to provide access to all resources on one frame to a remote site.

If the two Matrix CPUs can talk to each other, they can share details of their resources and provide updates when names change. They can also organize routing of audio between frames, even using intermediate stops to find their destination.

To understand linking frames over IP, it’s useful to break down the component parts - CPU to CPU communication and audio over IP via IVC.

CPU to CPU communication:

When more than one CPU is added to a System Layout and an update is Applied to all matrices, the CPUs will attempt to begin talking to each other:

The UDP ports used are 42001 - broadcast if the CPUs are on the same subnet, or directed if not.

Diagnostics > Request Info > Network Status Info should list the remote matrices, and show LAN UP if the connection is working, and Dir Yes if the remote matrix has successfully sent a list of current ports.

E-IPA to E-IPA communication:

We need to add a Trunk Port on both systems. For an E-IPA, go to Cards and Ports and click Add and then add ports of type Trunk (IVC):

The number of trunks required will vary depending on the maximum number of unique cross-matrix communication paths.

For an IVC-32, select an empty port on the IVC-32 and choose Trunk (IVC).

Behind the scenes, each port will be assigned a unique name (so the port label is only for information). Going to the System > Layout screen, new ports will be shown:

Dragging the diamond from one IVC channel to another will link those ports together. One port will be designated a VoIP caller and will initiate the call. This isn’t important for normal use, but if your network requires an outbound call, drag from that port, not to that port.

After resetting both frames, the connection should start trying to connect on the settings of the IVC/E-IPA card, by default TCP and UDP port 6001.

IVC Properties:

E-IPA Properties:

Checking that the trunk is working:

A working trunk will show in Monitoring as green:


Crosspoints will be shown entering and leaving the port, as usual.



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