How To Connect Equip to 4-Wire Directly - First Release

The original version of Equip (that you can hang on a wall) comes equipped with two analog audio connections. Both connections are unbalanced, and depending on what you want to connect Equip to or the length of the cable, you can either keep it as unbalanced or purchase some third-party devices to make the signal balanced audio.

In the following example, we are using three third-part devices to change the signal from balanced to unbalanced (4-wire/LQ to Equip) and unbalanced to balanced (Equip to 4-wire/LQ). The parts needed to make this happen includes:

  • 1 x RDL ST-UBA2

  • 2 x RDL TX-1A

The attached drawing shows how it was connected with the individual colors representing audio send or receive.