Importing an ECS 4.2 configuration into ECS 5.2.x

These two versions of ECS handle project (.ccn) and configuration (.ccc) files differently. It is not possible to import a configuration file from ECS 4.2 into ECS 5.2 using the import project function. Instead, the configurations file must be imported into an existing project via the configuration manager.


In ECS 4.2, go to ‘File → Save As'. Select the project you wish to convert to ECS 5.2.x and click ‘Export’. This will export a .ccc file.

Save the exported .ccc file to a location and then close the ‘Save As’ window.

Close ECS 4.2, and start ECS 5.2.x.

In ECS 5.2, create a new project ('File → New Project') and go to the ‘Layout’ screen. Right click and select ‘Add Matrix Frame’.

Select the type of frame from the drop down menu to match your matrix type (eg. Pico, Median, Omega)

Click the ‘Configuration Manager' button.

Select ‘Import’, and browse to the .ccc file we exported from ECS 4.2.

Highlight the newly imported configuration and click ‘Activate’.

It is recommended that you highlight and delete the existing configuration

You will now have converted your ECS 4.2 configuration for use in ECS 5.2.x.

To share this project (and the .ccc configuration files contained within), use the ‘File → Export Project’ function to export the project as a .ccn file.