Netgear M4250 AES67/AoIP Configuration

Switch Login

Access the Netgear M4250 configuration by navigating to the IP address of the management interface in a web browser.

Click ‘Main UI Login’ and log in with your credentials.

Netgear Login Screen
Netgear Main UI Login

Note: Save any changes, otherwise they may get lost after a reboot. Maintenance - Save Config - Save Configuration - check the box and apply.

Green Ethernet

Navigate to SystemManagement Green Ethernet Green Ethernet Configuration.

Ensure Auto Power Down Mode and EEE Mode are both disabled. Apply these settings.

DHCP Server

Note: In some instances, the DHCP server may not work when configured in Main UI mode. A workaround is to enable and configure the DHCP server in AV UI mode.

Navigate to SystemServices DHCP Server DHCP Server Configuration. Enable Admin Mode and Apply changes.

Navigate to SystemServices DHCP Server DHCP Pool Configuration.

For Pool Name select Create from the drop down box and give the pool a name.

Select the Type of Binding and input the Network Address and Mask. Click Add at the top of the page to add this pool to the configuration.


Navigate to SwitchingVLAN Advanced VLAN Configuration.

Input a VLAN ID and VLAN Name into the blue column headers and click Add to create the new VLAN.

Navigate to SwitchingVLAN Advanced VLAN Membership.

Select the VLAN ID of one of the VLANs you have just created from the drop down box.

Click on the ports to assign them as Untagged (U) or Tagged (T) members of the selected VLAN. Apply the changes.

Navigate to SwitchingVLAN Advanced Port PVID Configuration.

Check the boxes of the interfaces in a VLAN and set the PVID (Port VLAN ID) using the box in the blue column. Click apply.

IGMP Snooping

Navigate to SwitchingMulticast IGMP Snooping Configuration.

Ensure Admin Mode is enabled.

Navigate to SwitchingMulticast IGMP Snooping IGMP Snooping VLAN Configuration.

Check the boxes for the VLANs which connect to your AES67 devices and set the Admin Mode to enabled using the drop down box in the blue column header. Apply changes.

Navigate to SwitchingMulticast IGMP Snooping Querier VLAN Configuration.

Input the AES67 VLAN ID, enable Querier Election Participate Mode and input the Querier VLAN Address.

IP Addressing

Navigate to RoutingIP Advanced IP Interface Configuration.

Here we can assign a static IP address to the VLAN interface.

Select VLANS, check the box next to the VLAN you wish to assign a static IP.

Select Manual, from the drop down box under IP Address Configuration Method.

Input an IP address and subnet mask. Apply changes.


Navigate to QoSCoS Advanced CoS Configuration.

Ensure that Global is selected and the Global Trust Mode is set to trust IP-DSCP

Navigate to QoSCoS Advanced 802.1p Queue Mapping.

Select All in the interface drop down box.

Change the queue associated with 802.1p Priority 6 and 7, to 6 and 7 respectively. Apply changes.

Navigate to QoSCoS Advanced IP DSCP Queue Mapping.

Change the queue values for IP DSCP 34 and IP DSCP 46 to queue 6 and 7 respectively.

PTP Transparent Clock



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