Station-IC: Cannot create a request file for license

This article refers to client hosted licensing of Station-IC, a licensing option where the license is contained on the same computer as Station-IC.

This article does not refer to the alternative Permanent Eclipse Hosted License option.

Question: I am trying to do a file based license transfer for Sation-IC while following the manual but I do not see the “License Update” button in CodeMeter.

Whenever possible use the online license activation.
File-based activation is only intended as a service item for when online activation is not possible.

As of version 1.1 the following steps are not included in the manual. These will be added.

Answer: Your CodeMeter is not loaded with a License Container to request and host your license.
This License Container must be obtained from the Webdepot and loaded into the CodeMeter.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your License Ticket ID and press NEXT

  3. In the next screen press ACTIVATE

  4. In the lower right hand corner press the File-Based License Transfer link


  5. Press the “+” icon


  6. Look for a download link to a CmContainer template. Download the file.


  7. Once downloadid, drag the file into the CodeMeter and it will look something like this


  8. You can now start the File based license transfer according to the Station-IC v 1.1 manual - Chapter 5

    Manual can be found here:



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