Matrix: Speed Dial from Panel via SIP (LQ) from IP Card

Testing the speed dial control from panel via a SIP (LQ) port

EHX Settings

EHX v9.1 or later is required.

Running the latest version of EHX is strongly recommended.

Create SIP (LQ) Port

  • Set your User ID and Password (you’ll need this for logging on from LQ to Matrix)

Create Speed Dial

  • Here it is set to auto dial DTMF 1000 for example; Source (port that DTMF tones are sent from) is the SIP (LQ) port created above

Create Control

  • Attach the Speed Dial created to the control

Assign SIP (LQ) port and Control to panel keyset

  • x1002 is the SIP (LQ) port and SIP QD1000 is the Control; stacked keys are possible but this is for illustration

Apple Map to Matrix!


LQ Settings

Establish a port from LQ to Matrix IVC

  • IP/Hostname = IVC/E-IPA card’s IP address

  • IP Port = 6001 (default; local LAN)

  • Port Settings > Use credentials from created EHX’s SIP (LQ) port

Establish a connection to your SIP server

Assign IVC and SIP ports

Always use DIRECTS on the LQ when creating a link between IVC and SIP ports.