Remoting FS-II and/or Edge beltpacks over IP

E1 antennas (numbers are for 1.9GHz, 2.4GHz beltpack capacity is reduced)

 Using FSII-SPL:

Up to 10-25 beltpacks roaming between 2-5 antennas but not likely to roam to a distant system without a power cycle.

E-Que or base in Splitter mode, FSII-SPL in Local Sync Mode, E1 to E1 over IP using any adapter that doesn’t do anything with framing.

  • Using single FS-II E1 antenna:

Up to 5 beltpacks connected to a single antenna which generates local sync if none provided. E1 to E1 goes over IP adapter.


The following are units have been seen to work for E1 over Ethernet – not a particular recommendation:

Rad TDM Pseudowire Gateways



IPT antennas (with < 10ms delay for audio packets)

  • Same subnet, separate VLAN, good PTPv2 over network (possibly with boundary clock) – works from v10.

  • Same subnet, PTPv2 provided to both locations separately using GNSS/GPS-locked PTP – works from v10.

  • Different subnet, different VLAN, PTPv2 provided to both locations separately using GNSS/GPS-locked PTP:

    • Use IP addresses rather than mDNS for addressing.

    • Layer 2 routing with local switch providing MAC forwarding - works from v11.1

    • Layer 3 routing, no switch assistance – works from v12.4 (IPA: / IPT: or better)


Be aware that Ethernet over E1 is a product category too, and those tend to have more search results.