Cisco: How to disable PoE (Power over Ethernet) mode on 9300 catalyst devices

It is good practise when installing AES67 networks to turn off the PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality on any Ethernet-switch port that does not require it

Clear-Com recommends you disable PoE on switch ports connected to

  • Matrix CPU LAN port

  • E-IPA LAN port,

  • Iris LAN port

to avoid rare unexpected brief down/up events which affect the functionality of the unit.   


Example configuration for a Cisco 9300 catalyst switches, where we turn off PoE on swithc port 27


The commands would be something like:

            configure terminal

            interface gigabitEthernet1/27              (assuming the Iris is connected on port 27 of the Cisco 9300 switch)

            power inline never

(don’t forget to save the config) : See page 7 of the attached